We present the rubric #baramboelebi

During this rubric we will introduce the people who create Barambo’s products for you every day.

This is  Bacho Grogolia, the first Baramboeli, he is the Head Lawyer.

Bacho is Barambo’s first employee, he’s the one who legally registered the company and has been a loyal member of Barambo team since it’s establishment.

His work includes: protecting the company’s interests, eliminating threats and making decisions in accordance with the law.

Bacho loves spending free time with his co-workers, sharing the family size ice cream with them and telling stories about Barambo’s creation.


Eka Orbetishvili – the Head of Ice Cream Production

Eka has been Barambo’s loyal employee since 2010; she began her career in production as a technologist, but as a resalt of her day to day development at Barambo, today, she manages the entire process of ice cream production.

Eka’s working day starts very early, it’s important for her that the customers are satisfied and in order to do so, she oversees and checks all the details needed for the ideal production of ice cream.

Ice cream production is a big process which requires attention and professionalism; Eka and her team controls, that the product brought to you is of highest quality, very delicious and absolutely harmless.




Ruslan Iremadze -Adjara Regional Manager

Ruslan joined barambo in 2013 and since then, has been a loyal member of our team.

He activly works in order to make the Adjara region more familiar with our brand. He makes sure that you find delicious and safe products in every district and every store.

Ruslan particularly takes pleasure in doing his favorite thing in his hometown.




Tata Kalatozishvili – Laboratory Assistant

Tata joined our team in 2016 and for years she has been making sure that the products we use for production are quality and harmless. She provides physico-chemical analysis, constant monitoring of raw materials and she tests samples to create new products.

Tata particularily enjoys participation in creating of new ice creams and conducting tests, which ensure the products’ safe arrival to you.




Ketevan Gujabidze – Export Manager

Keti joined Barambo’s team in 2018. Her work includes exporting Barambo sweets abroad and introducing Georgian products to the rest of the world.

As a result of Keti’s motivation and diligence, today more and more countries are familiar with Barambo sweets. She tries her best to consider and satisfy requests from different countries.

As of today, Barambo sweets are exported to 13 countries of Europe, Asia and America.




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