The best Belgian raw materials

“Barambo” is a Georgian confectionary company producing sweets / chocolate and ice cream. It occupies a leading position in the Georgian market and is distinguished by the quality and variety of products. The quality of raw materials is controlled at each stage.

Raw materials obtained from Belgium are strictly controlled, and the final product is monitored by our specialists in the laboratory.

Carefully selected cocoa beans from Africa are sent to Belgium, where raw materials are processed, and then premium chocolate is sent to Georgia in “Barambo”, and accordingly the Belgian quality is integrated in the local market – in the form of Georgian sweets. The technological resource at the enterprise gives the company the opportunity to produce high-quality sweets and offer to our customers.

It is worth noting the quality of other ingredients needed for chocolate, with various suppliers from France, Denmark, Italy, etc.

The highest quality can be found in every “Barambo” product.

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