Frequently Asked Questions

Why the ice cream weight is set in milliliter?

Weight on the packaging of Barambo ice cream products is indicated in milliliter. Milliliter – is the volume measuring unit, and the milligram – the weight. In general, ice cream is frozen, containing milk, and due to whipping it contains the clean air in its mass, whose density is on average 0.5 kg / lan 500 g / 1000 ml of 0.5 g / ml, which is the same.

Well known Archimedes Law indicates that the mass of the body is equal to the density multiplied by the volume it occupies. Accordingly, if the packaging is 1000 ml of volume and the density of this product is 0.5 g / ml, then their product will be 1000 ml * 0.5 g / ml = 500g and if you recheck it personally you can find that 1000 ml of ice cream is 600g, it only indicates that Company Barambo does not even disturb the interests of the user, but on the contrary, makes a bonus.

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Is it possible to Plan a visit to the Barambo factory?


At this stage, excursions are not available. when updated, you will be able to register on our site at visits page

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At the moment, there are no excursions, when the update is completed, the queue will again move forward and as soon as your time is up, our representative will contact you.

Excursions are conducted only seasonally, we have a big traffic due to a high demand, it may take a while for your turn.

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Product storage rules


It is very important in which store you will take the products, since unfortunately not all stores observe the storage conditions.

Barambo produces high-quality sweets / ice cream and has an ISO certificate, which implies the management of food production.

Our product leaves the factory in perfect condition and the laboratory carries out constant quality control, after which the store must comply with the storage conditions. It is desirable that the buyer should pay attention in what conditions the product is stored when bought in the store.

Please contact us if you have witnessed an unappropriate storage of the product, by giving us the store data you can help us and other customers improve the terms of storage.

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