Business Proposal

LLC “Barambo” is a Georgian company producing chocolate / sweets / ice cream and has no analogues in Caucasia in terms of scale, product quality and production technology. Brands occupy the position of the leader in the Georgian market and offer customers a wide choice of sweets: chocolate bars, chocolate sweets, chocolate sweets, caramel, wafers, ice cream, etc.

Annually we invest millions of lari in various projects, to expand new production lines in different directions, as well as in weighted candies, as well as an assortment of chocolate bars.

A huge assortment

We have the opportunity to prepare an individual corporate offer for the each company, in particular, branded products that meet your requirements, where every nuance will be prepared according to your desire from the initial design finished with the packaging.

A huge assortment of more than 200 products of any price categories gives our company the advantage of honoring between any preferences of our partner companies, and you will always be satisfied with the quality of the product.

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